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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a part of digital marketing to market your business to appeal to smartphones user. Mobile marketing is the future of marketing. Basically mobile marketing is done by advertisement. It means that mobile marketing contains ads that appears on mobile smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

Mobile marketing is very effective for your business because now a days, a large fraction of population access internet in mobiles rather that laptops or Pcs in which 80% mobile device time is spent on games app, 70% people browse on mobile devices. Mobile marketing will help you to expand and grow your business by sharing your product through ads.

Types of mobile marketing:

  • App-based marketing: App-based mobile marketing is mobile advertising which involves mobile applications.
  • In-game mobile marketing: In-game mobile marketing is defined as the advertisements which comes in between when you are playing any game. The ad may be banner pop-up or image or video.
  • QR codes: First of all users scanned the code which are then taken to a page i.e. webpage which is attached to that QR code.
  • Location based marketing: Location-based marketing is done by appearing ads on the mobile devices on the location of the user according to a specific area or specific business.
  • Mobile search ads: Mobile search ads are the basic ads which are built for mobiles and comes while searching on google.
  • Mobile image ads: Mobile image ads are the ads which are appears in the form of an image only.
  • SMS: In SMS marketing the ads are sent through the texts to the user. It is a short message service marketing.

So these are the types of mobile marketing by which we can do mobile marketing. So mobile marketing is a multi-channel campaign which usually market or advertise through which organisation contact with the audience.