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What is Website Designing?

Web development is a process which is needed to be taken from the starting point to the ending point to complete a website. Web development broadly refers to host the tasks which are associated with developing websites with the help of internet or intranet. The web development includes web design, web content and network security configuration.    

The Content Management System can be made from any open source or scratch. The Content Management System acts as a middleware between the database and the user with the help of browser. The benefit of content management system is that it allows the non-technical people to make changes to their website without having any technical knowledge about it.

In web development there is a team which can consist of hundred people which are known as web developers and they all follow the standard method while developing the websites. The growth of this industry is being driven by business wishing to use their website to sell products and services to the customers.   

Web development contains:

1 Client-side scripting

2 Server-side scripting

3 Database Technology

In client-side scripting the processing takes place on the end users computer. Generally the client side environment used to run scripts is browser. Here the source code is transferred from the web server to the user’s computer and then it can run directly in the browser.

In server-side scripting, the environment used to run scripts is web server. In this, the request of the user is fulfilled by running a script directly on the web server to generate dynamic HTML page. After that this HTML is sent to the client’s browser.

Database technologies used in web development are JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML, ASP, CSS and many more.